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Reach ad-filtering users in a low-clutter environment

eyeo Advertiser Solutions provide advertisers with exclusive access to a distinctive audience and formats that foster brand engagement and a higher ROAS. Find out more in our recent study with Magna Media Trials.

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Benefits for advertisers

The underpriced attention of 250M global ad-filtering users who do not block all online ads, with a 9% increase in brand trust (source: MAGNA)

Meaningful contribution to decarbonizing media - up to 11.5X reduction in gCO2e by decreasing the number of ads per page (Source: MAGNA)

Increased engagement, impact and brand receptiveness through compliant and consented ad formats

Who are ad-filtering users?

Valuable audience

Typically younger, educated, digital-first and tech-savvy

Highly attentive

Receptive to brand messaging and likely to influence purchasing decisions 

Open to quality ads

+62% value the ability to have control over the types and number of ads they see online

Better ad recall

Show an 82% increase in aided ad recall in low clutter environments

Add ad-filtering users to the plan

We integrate seamlessly with your existing set up and offer a variety of marketplace opportunities

1. Requirements review

Select your DSP and share your targeting, measurement and other settings for us to review

2. Completion of setup

PMP creation and inventory estimation are powered by Pubmatic

3. Campaign launch

The buyer targets the PMP. Once the campaign goes live, we monitor reports and handle optimizations

Try our solution

Our eyeo Acceptable Ads Marketplaces is the solution for marketers, advertisers and agencies to tap into underpriced attention by connecting with 250 million global ad-filtering users that consent to see nonintrusive online ads (compliant with Acceptable Ads) in a low-clutter environment.

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Discover how to buy Acceptable Ads

No matter how you currently buy ads, we provide access via all major DSPs as well as a managed service. Get in touch with us and we'll present you with the different options to buy Acceptable Ads.

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